The Warder tradition originated in Stoigmari. It has a tradition of strength and honor.

The Stoigmari Warder is the first to come to mind when one thinks of strenth and perseverence. The Warder relies on physical attacks to defeat his enemies. 


The Warder has no truely distinct skill trees, as all of his skills are physical attacks. The following terms are not the true names of the skill trees.

Defensive - The first of the Skill trees is the defensive tree. This tree often enhances the defense of the Warder and sometimes his allies.

Individual - The next skill tree focuses solely on damaging a single target. This tree might focus on "assassinating" a boss while comrades focus on mobs. This tree has the most damaging attacks, but these attacks focus on a single Mob.

Offensive - The offensive tree focuses solely on damaging groups of enemies. Its attacks are weaker, but kill large groups of mobs considerably faster than the Individual tree might.

Armor Edit

The Warder utilizes plate armor to complete his duties.


The Warder originated in Stoigmari. The Stoigmarians are particularly suited to become Warders due to their strength.

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