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Human Stoigmari

Stoigmari Concept

Humans from the Empire of Stoigmar are referred to as Stoigmari. people. A hard people for a hard land, Stoigmari are renowned for their work ethic, martial traditions, and strong liquor.

The industrious nature of the Stoigmari people has been reinforced by their proximity to the dwaves of Ulixium. Even though Stoigmar relinquished control of the steam dwarven homeland some thirty years ago, they remain close allies, and many dwarven customs and philosophies have been part of Stoigmari culture for centuries. Compulsory military service is perhaps the most important, and certainly the most distinct, of these traditions. Stoigmari who choose to go abroad are expected, and in some cases ordered, to act as gracious ambassadors of their homeland.

Background: Stoigmar Forever! Edit

While each of the great powers requires a certain degree of martial training, only Stoigmar has a policy of full conscription; each citizen must serve in some capacity for one to three years, depending on demand. Demand of late has been significant. Stoigmari player characters will have just mustered out after a four-year tour in the Ijolean Assistance Corps, a post that mostly involved distributing humanitarian aid, basic weapons training, and Stoigmari promotional materials to citizens of the former Avenian colony. As compensation for having to serve a year beyond the normal tour, the Stoigmari government has granted PCs a cushy position in the Stoigmari Cultural Exchange (traditionally prefixed with “Great,” in the Stoigmari idiom) and a house in Nexus from which to sing Stoigmar’s praises. When players arrive, they will meet an old friend from the Assistance Corps and learn that the true purpose of the GCSE might be far more interesting, and far more dangerous, than anyone could have guessed.

Favored Classes Edit

Classes#Warder Warder Edit


The slow expansion of the Old Kingdom was paid for with the blood of Ostenian infantry. Since mount creatures have been extinct on the Mechanism for several centuries, foot soldiers that served the Ancien Royaume on long campaigns developed techniques for increasing strength and endurance far beyond normal limits. These walking knights, the knights marchant, became the Old Kingdom’s first Warders. They lead the Ostenian Royal Guard even now.

Statistics: Edit

Luck = 5

Physical # Mental # Rating #
Agility 3 Agility 4 Defense 19
Strength 5 Strength 5 Speed 175
Endurance 6 Endurance 4 Reflex 180
Load 10
Critical 14
Sunder 16