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Riven Edit


Riven Concept

Passionate, beautiful, and short-lived, the stylish riven are natural celebrities. These charismatic nobles seek fame and fortune in battle, government, and high society for the greater glory of their ancient Houses.

Riven have an uncanny sense of social dynamics, and are able to fathom and exploit the strengths and weaknesses of even large groups with surprising speed, accuracy, and effectiveness. Their natural charisma lets them insinuate themselves into nearly any organization or social event with ease. In the rare cases where that charisma fails, riven who best serve the interests of their ancient Houses can receive political and financial support to tip the balance in their favor. Derided by some as vain, condescending, and power-hungry, not even the staunchest critic of the riven can deny that they rank among the most popular influential personalities on the Mechanism.

Background: Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful… Edit

The life of a riven isn’t all about sharing fine wine with the elite, undercutting the efforts of rival Houses, and running up ludicrous credit with the Merchant’s Guild – just mostly. As a young, unproven riven with a thirst for adventure, riven player characters will travel to Nexus with express orders to make their noble House look as good as possible, by any means necessary. To accomplish this, they will be accompanied by an attendant, a lower-caste member of their House that elected to step out of the spotlight to support their more public brethren. Player characters will learn that the effortless glamour of the riven actually takes a lot of work to maintain. Is the price of fame and fortune worth it?

Favored Classes Edit

Gunner Edit


The effortless style and skill that riven Gunners demonstrate on a daily basis make them the frequent subjects of songs and stories across the Mechanism. Whether in service of their noble House or their own whims, riven Gunners rank among the most celebrated (and infamous) hunters, duelists, and mercenaries ever to pick up a firearm.

Channeler Edit


The natural charisma and passion of the riven is perhaps best expressed in the music of riven Channelers. It’s a rare riven indeed that forgoes the wealth and privilege of their native House to sing hymns to the Mechanism – most use the Channeler’s tools to craft new, dubiously reverent settings of ancient melodies that call down the Mechanism’s fury nonetheless.

Statistics: Edit

Luck = 2

Physical # Mental # Rating #
Agility 6 Agility 7 Defense 25
Strength 2 Strength 5 Speed 200
Endurance 3 Endurance 3 Reflex 205
Load 7
Critical 18
Sunder 12