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Orcs Edit


Orcs Concept

The largest, strongest, and most intimidating of the greenskins are orcs. Driven to the margins of society by harsh public policy, many orcs turn to adventuring as a matter of survival. Given half a chance, though, they can excel in any role.

The centuries-old image of bloodthirsty orc raiders lurking just beyond the reach of the law looms large in the public consciousness of the great nations, and has lately led to the creation of harsh education camps that all orcs must attend to secure even a basic work permit. Suffice it to say that curriculum quality, to say nothing of basic standards of safety, sanitation, and security, varies significantly from nation to nation and camp to camp. Many flee before earning their permits. Even those that do manage to serve out their terms frequently leave with an array of physical and psychological scars from their experiences. Orcs are stubborn and strong, though, and Hlurian culture persists in the great nations despite all attempts to repress it.

Background: Grandfather Knows Best

There simply aren’t that many elderly orcs. None of the jobs that orcs tend to end up doing – mining, factory work, private security – are particularly safe, and they seldom if ever include provisions for retirement. Not for orcs, anyway. Orcish player characters will arrive in Nexus to meet an orc that beat the odds. Grandfather has seen it all – a traditional upbringing in the crownland reaches of Hlur, immigrant life in the coastal Stoigmari city of Nadslav, the first orcish education camps…

The oldest member of his graduating class, Grandfather never had much aptitude for the Common tongue – why learn? Once he had asserted himself as the eldest and strongest orc in the camp, there was never any reason to. By the time orcish player characters meet him, Grandfather’s career as an “independent operator” in the city of Nexus is long over. Will player characters follow in his footsteps, using his deep connections to the city to their advantage, or will Grandfather persuade them to take a different path?