There are many kinds of items in City of Steam. Items can be gained by buying them off of the various stores. Armors and shields are given as level rewards at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and so on. (Not sure about this.) 


There are four types of armor in City of Steam: Arkadia. These types are Plate, leather, Volt and Robe. Each type of armor can only be used by one class.


Each class has its own specific weapon types. Warders use Axes and swords. Gunners use guns, Arcanists use Arcane weapons and Channelers use Divine. Formerly, Arcane weapons were noted as wands.


Mods are items that can be collected from dugeons and quests. These are socketed into armor or weapons to make them more powerful. There are 5 types of Mods.  Each mod can be leveled up to level 9.


There are not many consumables in City of Steam. The main consumable in City of Steam is perhaps the health potion. With them it is possible to solo dungeons and they are almost overpowered.


Collectables are items which one can add to collections. There are many collections in the Nexus, and each of them gives a different bonus.