== Hobbes ==
Greenskin Hobboblin

Hobboblin / Hobbs Concept

Hobbes are a gruff, disciplined people with a strong martial tradition. Regardless of their chosen field, hobbes are known for their strength and endurance.

The first greenskins to migrate to the spireward kingdoms, hobbes tend to be better assimilated than goblins or orcs, but suffer from a centuries-old reputation for oathbreaking among more traditional copperbloods. Though it’s true that hobbes were instrumental in the fall of the Copper Throne, the last great greenskin empire, that was well over 500 years ago. Old grudges die hard. A natural affinity for hierarchies makes them ideal soldiers, laborers, adventurers, and (much to the chagrin of city guards across the Mechanism) gang members. Earning the friendship and loyalty of a hobbe is challenging, but they take such bonds very seriously.

Background: Valor or Vengeance? Responsibility or Revenge?

To say that hobbe adolescence is difficult is like claiming that fire is hot. Anyone who has seen a steambike gang race down a major road, leaving the Nexan Guard in their dust, can attest to that. While hobbe soldiers in the great nations have demonstrated courage, discipline, and skill for centuries, mastery of their legendary tempers takes time and effort. Hobbe player characters will come to Nexus to meet a childhood friend who has yet to overcome the hazards of hobbe youth.

Faruj always had a defiant streak, and it’s clear that much hasn’t changed, judging by the steambike gang tattoo he tries to hide. It seems he fell in with one of the nastier groups in town – far from an innocent group of cycling enthusiasts, the Copper Claw has been implicated in a wide array of crimes: disturbing the peace, theft, assault, even rumors of kidnapping. To hear him tell it, Faruj was a rising star in the Claw until a simple snatch and grab went bad and the gang pinned the entire mess on him. Now he’s been released on probation, and worst of all he’s been forced to sell his beloved steambike to cover court costs and fines. What to do? Will player characters encourage him to remain on the straight and narrow, even helping him become a member of the Nexan Guard, or help him take revenge on the Copper Claw the old-fashioned way?