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Heartlanders Edit

Human heartlander

Heartlander consept

Humans of the Heartland City-States are called Heartlanders. A pragmatic and cosmopolitan people, Heartlanders hail from a loose confederation of industrial lands: Delton, Hollow, Locke, Nexus, Torch, and Wroughton.

To understand Heartlanders, one must first understand the City-States. Each of the six Heartland City-States are protected, though not exactly ruled, by a Paradigm, a being of immense wisdom, power, and guile whose personality shapes and is shaped by those it protects. The City-State of Nexus is protected by the ancient, wise, and well-hidden Oracle, and Nexan Heartlanders tend to be inquisitive, methodical, and more than a little secretive. Although the Heartlands have been politically united for over a century, most Heartlanders consider themselves citizens of a City-State first and the Heartlands a distant second. That being said, each City-State boasts people of every nation, race, and culture, and Heartlanders find it easy to adapt to social situations that might leave others flustered.

Background: My Sister, the Ambassador Edit

The Heartlands are a curious political experiment. While the other great powers (with the possible exception of Ostenia) are united both politically and culturally, the Treaty of Paradigms was only signed out of mutual self-interest. Now that the colonial appetites of the great nations have (mostly) faded, a number of Heartlanders, some quite prominent, have suggested that national unity might have outlived its usefulness. Others seek to help the young nation move beyond the need for a common foe. Heartlander player characters’ sister, a young and optimistic ambassador to the Heartlands Council, is one such advocate.

Nexus’ central location made it an obvious place to construct the nascent nation’s Conclave, a deliberative body that could conduct the day-to-day business of inter-city-state relations, draft and debate domestic policies, and coordinate diplomatic efforts. As a junior ambassador, Heartlander PC’s sister has an excess of responsibility, precious little influence, and virtually no free time. When she catches wind of suspicious events taking place near the Conclave, Heartlander players will act as her eyes, ears, and sword against the corruption festering within Nexus and the Council itself.

Favored Classes Edit

Any Edit


As citizens of the youngest and most culturally diverse nation on the Mechanism, Heartlanders embody the true potential of humanity, having equal aptitude for all adventuring classes. Although they don’t excel in any particular role, they have a higher starting total of vital points than any other player race.

Statistics: Edit

Luck = 5

Physical # Mental # Rating #
Agility 5 Agility 5 Defense 21
Strength 5 Strength 5 Speed 180
Endurance 5 Endurance 5 Reflex 180
Load 9
Critical 15
Sunder 15