Potion shop

the basic potions

The healing potion is the savior for most players in the game.

There are many different levels and strengths for these.

They can be acquired from:

The potion shop sellsEdit

  • Weak health Quaff (500 health over 10 seconds)
  • Strong health Quaff (2000 health over 10 seconds; lv 10 required)
  • Potent health Quaff (5000 health over 10 seconds; lv 15 required)
  • Infused health Quaff (10000 health over 10 seconds; lv 20 required)
  • Miraculous Health Quaff (20000 health over 10 seconds; lv 30 required)

The Transmuter can make:Edit

medicine symbols :
Transmuter medicine
Transmuter medicine list
  • 4 : strong health jab (5000 health instantly)
  • 5: Potent health jab (10000 health instantly)
  • 6: Infused health jab (20000 health instantly)
  • 7: Miraculous health jab (50000 health instantly)

note the jabs work faster and are more likely to be used in PvP than say quests or dungeons.

the highest ranked one heals more and faster than most in-game

Other potions encounteredEdit

From bounty hunter lv 40-49

Divine health quaff: 30000 health over 10 seconds (lv 40 required)

from bounty hunter lv 50-59

Legendary health quaff: 40000 health over 10 seconds (lv 50 required)

from elsewhere

Divine health jab (100000 health instantly)

Legendary health Jab (200000 health instantly) best encountered...