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Greenskin Goblin

Goblin Concept

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Goblin#2 Concept

The smallest, quickest and most cunning of greenskins are goblins. Goblins are known for two things: their irrepressible curiosity, and their knack for using that curiosity to get into serious trouble.

Even before they can talk, goblins seem to view life as a series of experiments. What happens if I push that button? What happens if I pull that lever? What happens if I carefully replace the control circuitry for this steam toiler with a series of explosive charges?

Combined with their seemingly inexhaustible reserves of manic energy, it’s easy to mistake goblin curiosity for outright mischief. They don’t mean badly, for the most part, and while they are responsible for significant property damage across the Mechanism, unintentional injuries happen far less frequently than you’d think. It’s not all broken windows and melted relays, though; goblin insights have been responsible for a some of the New Epoch’s boldest new designs. They’re not all mad scientists by any stretch of the imagination, but even the most urbane goblins can’t pass up the opportunity to learn something they probably shouldn’t.

Background: Crowded House

While the average goblin’s attention span is so small as to defy detection, anyone who has met a family of the clever greenskins can tell you that goblin parents are an island of calm in a sea of chaos. This is especially fortunate given their tendency towards multiple births. Something about the speed, stealth, and destructive potential of a goblin child, even those that can’t walk, awakens an uncanny understanding of their position, goals, and relative safety in the mind of its parents. While they might look calm, it’s only because the billions of calculations required to maintain awareness this profound leaves little time or energy for normal goblin jumpiness.

Goblin player characters will arrive in Nexus to meet their favorite uncle, his three children (twin four-year-olds and one adult), and his newborn grandson. Suffice it to say that the scene is busy. Since the player character’s aunt died, and since the Nexan goblin community has shrunk in recent years, Uncle Fizzgig and the rest of the family can use all the help they can get. The precise definition of ‘help’ might be as simple as restocking the pantry, settling arguments… or making good on increasingly complicated and dangerous promises Fizzgig made in fits of avuncular exuberance. Also that.