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Draug Edit


Draug Concept

Ashen-skinned, cautious, and withdrawn, the draug jealously guard the dwindling wealth and influence of their noble Houses. Though very long-lived, they prefer the comfort of their ancient manors – decrepit though they might be – to the chaos of urban life.

Despite the centuries of accumulated wisdom drilled into them from a very young age, the draug lack a certain social grace. Even those whose Houses have lived in the great nations for centuries still have trouble relating to the “mortals,” as some call them. Draug adventurers, who have not only strayed from ancient Rith but effectively chosen to immerse themselves in the brief, violent lives of the lesser races, are a rare sight indeed.

Background: How the Mighty Have Fallen Edit

Regardless of the race, nation, or culture in which it occurs, divorce on the Mechanism is never pleasant. For the draug, who can live for well over a century and own property and investments much older than that, the division of assets and sundering of Houses is particularly painful. Draug player characters will arrive in Nexus after having traveled abroad with their divorce-exiled father for some time. Per the terms of the separation, the player characters’ mother exercised her right to expel her husband from the House estate in Rith, and the PC followed. What her erstwhile husband didn’t know was that his own House, which was struggling even before he married, had fallen altogether in a brutal bandit raid. When the two exiles arrived to find the ancestral manor in Risen-haunted ruin, the only choice was to gather what valuables they could and retreat to Nexus in the hopes that the rumors of a spike in Heartland demand for draug artifacts are true.

Favored Classes Edit

Classes#Arcanist Arcanist Edit


Although their eyesight is poor compared to the other races of the Mechanism, draug have extraordinarily sensitive hearing. It might be that their long history of arcane aptitude is a product of this gift – draug can discern fine degrees of arcanomagnetic resonance that other Arcanists need special equipment to study.

Statistics: Edit

Luck = 2

Physical # Mental # Rating #
Agility 6 Agility 4 Defense 24
Strength 4 Strength 5 Speed 200
Endurance 4 Endurance 5 Reflex 220
Load 6
Critical 19
Sunder 11
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