Roughly the center of Arkadia map you can find the entrance to this area

Talking to the copperwaste commander will give you a daily quest to do...

Copperwaste commander

"Great, another prospector came to try his luck in The Copperwaste.

No way to resist the promising riches of scrap metal isn't it?

What a sight to behold of you "heros" slaying monster, sizing prizes and fames...

Except you often get too excited and try to kill each other.

Well I've said enough, go ahead and ignore my warnings!

But if you do return, by the order of the Nexan supreme war council, your spoils of war can only be traded thru me!"

the amount of scrap needed is level dependent every 10 levels eg lv 20,30,40 50 and 60.

Killing the monsters in this area will make them drop scrap metal as well as other items that can be sold and occasionally other items for area quests.