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Abilities Edit

Channeler abilitys

Like all classes channelers have 3 ability lines.

The first 3 abilities which ALL channelers get are

  • Standard attack (based on equipment)
  • Defiant Burst (heals caster and nearby allies damages nearby enemys)
  • Awe Strike (stuns for 2 sec and a small amount of damage)

and do not need ability points.

then there are 5 columns of further abilities.

you may only select ONE out of each column.

First Set Edit
  • Distortion Wave - Agonizing Noise that damages and slows (reduces movement speed) of all enemies in an ARC.
  • Heal --------------- An Invocation that restores the Channelers Health. (8 sec cooldown)
  • Aetherglass ----- A barrier of light that increases parry until it fades (10 sec duration cooldown 16 sec)
Second set Edit
  • Pressure Wave - A circular surge of sound (centered on the character) that damages and pushes all enemies back.
  • Invigorate -------- This spell heals the Character over time (healing lasts 5 sec)
  • Sun Shield ------- This spell calls on the light of dawn to increase nearby allies armor for a short time (12 sec)
Third set Edit
  • Acoustic spheres - Explosive bolts of solid sound that can damage groups of enemies (must be close together)
  • Rebounding Heal - A beam of healing energy that arcs to several characters (starting from the caster to nearby allies)
  • Shield of Spite ---- A Radiant Barrier that increases characters hit, overcoming parry (12 sec cooldown 20 sec)
Fourth set Edit
  • Hammerchord - A hammer of crushing sound that stuns enemies ( .25 sec or about the time it takes to do another attack)
  • Healing burst -- A vision of mending runes heals you and nearby allies (centered on char)
  • Solar Strength - an Inspiring beacon that increases nearby allies damage output (only standard attack is increased)
Fifth set - lv 30 Edit

all this set has a cooldown time of 60 sec

  • Soundstorm - A swirling vortex that envelopes enemies ( stops movement, stuns and damages over time)
  • Healing Arc -- A harmonious wave that restores the channelers allies. ( a good heal if you don't want to be in range of counter attack.)
  • Flash of Immortality - the celestial ribbon imbues the character and nearby allies with a brief taste of invincibility . (Centered on character, damage reduction 200%, time increases with level.)