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Human Avens

Avans concept

Humans hailing from the Republic of Avenoss are known as Avens. They are well-educated, responsible folk from a strict patriarchal society renowned for its arcane engineering.

In Avenoss, the word of an Aven father is law within his home. While Avenian families are tightly knit, significant tension often bubbles below the surface. Education and basic military training are compulsory, and many Aven youths are ordered by their families to study further at one of the famed universities or military academies at the heart of Avenoss’ largest cities. Like Ostenia and Stoigmar, Avenoss has a long and troubled colonial history, and most Avens bear a particular grudge against Stoigmar for its role in wresting Ijolea from fifty years of Avenian rule.

Background: Wedding Bells? Edit

Aven characters will come to Nexus at their family’s behest, parents in tow. The old business has fallen on hard times, but a promising offer has been made that could restore the family fortunes to heights not seen in years. The price of this alliance? A modest fee, a tastefully catered party… and a ring. How each character reacts to the prospect of an arranged marriage will test the bonds of family unity, and the true agenda of their prospective in-laws could lead everyone involved into untold danger.

Favored Classes Edit

Arcanist Edit


The rigorous curricula of Avenian universities like Ohrandarr and Ockhelt produce some of the most skilled Arcanists on the Mechanism. In fact, the state of the arcane arts in the New Epoch might look very different without the efforts of Aven researchers. Thanks to a series of critical Avenian industrial breakthroughs over the past two hundred years, portable arcane implements like wands and staves have become available across the Mechanism for a fraction of their original price.

Classes#Gunner Gunner Edit


Many Avens choose to translate their brief compulsory military training into a full career. Some elect to join the burgeoning rifle brigades of the Avenian infantry, while others become fully licensed, independent Gunners. Backgrounds in both theory and practice ensure that Avenian Gunners are known as much for their skill with modifying and maintaining firearms as they are for firing them.

Statistics: Edit

Luck = 5

Physical # Mental # Rating #
Agility 5 Agility 4 Defense 22
Strength 4 Strength 6 Speed 190
Endurance 4 Endurance 4 Reflex 180
Load 7
Critical 17
Sunder 13