Some attributes
First Fire
Second Ice
Third Lightning
Other attributes
Fourth Volt Armor

Once, Magic was reserved for the Rich and Wealthy. With the advent of mass produced wands and staves, everyone can use magic.

The Arcanist is the magic user of City of Steam. Arcanists have a wide variety of Fire, Ice and Lightning spells to burn, freeze, and electrocute their enemies. Their armor is comprised of a wide variety of voltic circuits to enhance their abilities. In every situation the Arcanist is a sure ally.


The arcanist uses a wide variety of spells to pulverise the enemy. 

Fire SpellsEdit

Fire Spells are the first of the three branches the Arcanist can learn and use. Many fire spells offer burn damage and deal damage to lots of enemies.

Ice SpellsEdit

Ice freezes enemies in place, temporarily hindering their speed or even stopping them completely. 

Lightning SpellsEdit

Lightnings spells are damage dealing spells.

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